Hybrid Humans | Football Star
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Football Star

Platform: Mobile
Genre: Arcade - Casual


Football Star 18 is specifically designed for the football enthusiasts. Play with your favorite team jersey, player and strike to win for your team.

Super Soccer game based on two different modes for the maximum thrill; one is “Quick Match” and the other one is “Endless mode”...In Quick Match you have to cross the rival hurdles placed in front of goalie & perfectly execute the football into the net. Keep in mind that the goalie is a soccer hero, so shoot like a star! Attack as much as you can to win this ultimate football battle. Earn the reward on every successful kick, unlock advanced power-ups and become a football sports star.

In Endless Mode, you have to run against time! At the Start, you have limited time which you can increase with every perfect shot. Every strike will also add some more fun to your exciting challenge, as different hurdles comes in your way in the form of WALL, WIND Effect and Statute hurdles. Endless mode will be the test of your soccer skills. So It's all up to you how much time you survive in the game.