Hybrid Humans | About Us
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Hybrid Humans is a creative independent game studio founded by Fakhra AlMansouri, dedicated to crafting memorable, and exciting gaming experiences, based in the beautiful capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi city.

We passionately believe that video games can have a positive effect on gamers, to make this world a happier place, to inspire people and make a difference. And we want to kick start the indie game development scene in the UAE. 
Hybrid Humans studio offers, original video games and game design/development workshops on the side. Candy is optional.

Our philosophy in developing games is to create player centric gaming experiences. Encapsulated in our motto, “Think.Feel.Game.”. Also, Hakuna Matata, because that’s just a good philosophy.

We are a team of 5 awesome core hybrids, who love what they do, and we’ve collaborated with a number of other talented Hybrids that helped us produce Hop Hop Away and Who Lurks. We are Fakhra, Ali, Luke, Henry, Jeks, Henrique, Jose, Yahya, Aya, Shihab, Moza, Tariq, Ameera, Ousama and Resa. And a special thank you goes to Abdullah AlMarar (@abdullah_almarar), our local photographer, for his photos used in the website’s homepage. And to Khadija (@DejayzJunk) for drawing our avatars.

If you’re passionate about game development and would like to be part of the Hybrid team, we want to see your portfolio. Send it to .

Fakhra AlMansouri

Founder, CEO and Game Director

Game designer, Caramel appreciator, Future astronaut.

Ali Hassan


Has a passion to develop games that are free of bugs...still working on it.

Luke McIntosh

Game Developer

Always focuses on quality in two things, his coffee and games!

Henry Rietra

Lead 3D Artist

A 3D Ninja with Yakult drinking problems and insane Mario Kart tricks