Hybrid Humans | IndieCade + GeekFest Participation
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IndieCade + GeekFest Participation

IndieCade + GeekFest Participation

Right after Comic Con, we started polishing and fixing our game Hop Hop Away based on the feedback we received. Our next deadline was IndieCade, 1st of July. We wanted to participate in the event, it’s a great place for indie games and community.

So, on the weekend of the submission, of course unexpected shit happened. It was such a hectic 3 days, but we pulled through it and our game was submitted and accepted in the run. Among the changes that we made, was reshuffling the levels around, the adjust the difficulty curve. Fakhra based the levels flow to be in groups, have 3 levels of similar mechanics progressing and then introducing something new in the next 3 levels and so on.

The game right now is in beta stage, we have our second public testing happening tomorrow in GeekFest, Dubai. Their Facebook and Twitter pages. It’s a our first time attending the event, it seems like a chill event. We hope to have loads of traffic and test subjects, to get new feedback. If you’re there, make sure to drop by Hybrid Games booth.

Have an awesome weekend!


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